Sweeney – Run notes from 2/11 final dress

OUR GOAL: - The goal is not perfection. It never is and it never will be in live theatre. If perfection is the goal, we are playing the wrong game. Anyone who has ever been on stage for more than a few performances notices that it’s impossible to do the same show twice exactly the same way – it can’t be done. We are all different human beings in a million tiny physical and emotional ways from day to day. And when you combine those little differences into this big complicated collaboration with each other and the audience, the result from night to night will be as different as thumb prints.

So if the goal isn’t perfection, then what? Truth. The goal is to get our minds and bodies and spirits to fill this structure (music, words, blocking, etc.) with Truth every night. If we can do it truthfully, we will have done it well. Even if there are rough edges, even if the structure isn’t perfect, Truth will win.  Live in the truth of this story every time you step on stage, and you cannot go wrong.

Drop a line? We in the audience didn’t notice. Make a mistake? We forgive you. Leave your heart in the wings? We will feel it.  That’s the way of live theatre. And that’s why I know that this weekend is going to be a tremendous success. Thanks to each of you – every single member of the cast, crew, and orchestra, for making this show your Truth for these weeks. I can’t wait for people to share in this story.